Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Cupcakes for You, Glasgow

Having started out as a cake shop, Cupcakes for You is now a quaint, vintage tearoom that is like a throwback to the 1940's.

Situated on Dumbarton Road it will soon be temporarily closing in order to expand the premises to meet the demand.

And it's no surprise why.

One of my lovely 'besties', Kirsteen, kindly offered to take me to afternoon tea and after not long returning from a fortnight in rural Ghana living on noodles, sweet bread and powdered milk, how could I resist?

Before I even tasted the cakes I instantly loved the place. It is very small, squeezing in three tables at most, but yet there is so much to look at when you arrive. There is a wireless, a gramophone, fine china to eat and drink from and also books about what Glasgow looked like back in the day which I always love.
Another thing I love is you are surrounded by cakes and I mean literally surrounded as there are lots of little cupcakes dotted around the shop. 
vintage tearoom glasgow

After being warmly welcomed we were shown to our table and our afternoon tea quickly arrived. There was a good selection of sandwiches ranging from beef, egg, ham and tuna as well as some sausage rolls but more importantly there was a great mix of amazing looking treats.


The first one I jumped for and reluctantly halved was the crispy cake. Anyone who knows me also knows I have a weird obsession with these and this one did not disappoint with chewy oats, flakes and chunks of chocolate throughout. 

I'd say the meringue was my favourite though; surely nothing can beat it when there is a chewy center and raspberry coulis on top. The lemon cupcake was definitely a close second but if I'm honest everything tasted great. I even scoffed a piece of gingerbread which I'm not usually a fan of.

It's safe to say after all this we were burst and I deliberated with myself whether it was socially acceptable to undo the tie belt around my waist... Kirst had wisely opted for a loose top, she's clearly been in this predicament before.
                      Blondes Afternoon tea
But we were told there was still more to come (!) in the form of scones straight out the oven. Purely down to feeling my dress was about to rip in two I could only manage half.

Cupcakes for You was definitely good value for money, not just because Kirst paid! The food was a delight and the voucher deal we had was £20 per couple which included bottomless tea and a glass of fizz. I  like that the tearoom also makes cakes to takeaway as well as for events and weddings. Looking online I also see the gramophone and the crockery are available to hire out which is a great idea for anyone looking to host a vintage themed party.
Champagne and Strawberry

It was by far a Sunday well spent; listening to old songs on the wireless, being provided with excellence service from Wendi, eating some lovely homebaked treats and drinking strong, warm tea... without powdered milk (Hooray!).

Cupcakes for You

1251 Dumbarton Road
G14 9UU

Opening Hours:
Tue - Sun11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

anCnoc Scotch Whisky

anCnoc Scotch whisky

I was actually really looking forward to going along to the anCnoc event last night. Having been brought up with a dad who loves whisky I'm always looking for a nice new brand for him to try. He's very much a lover of a peat smoked whisky which made this event perfect. 
I brought along the other half, who has recently acquired a palate for a good quality whisky, as a 'lassie's' stand in.
The event, ran by jelly and gin, was held in The Arches and as soon as you walked into arch 2 the smell of peat just hit you! My family who are from the Isle of Harris and having spent many a summer there as a kid, this is a smell that is very close to my heart and brings back many memories. So straight away I was excited to see what was on offer and knew my dad would love this!! 
There were 3 whiskies being showcased flaughter, tushkar and rutter!
The first table we came to was the 'flaughter' and stand in lassie 'rawsco' was straight in for a sample of this peaty whisky. 

Tasting notes - pale gold with an initial smoky and ashy aroma. Underneath that, fresh vanilla with a sharper hint of sticky toffee sweetness. An intensely smokey, peaty smooth finish.
Not only was there a sample of 3 whiskies, each has some accompaniments to go alongside. Personally, the ones at this table where the best....macaroons! They were delicious, with a slight hint of the peaty whisky! 
Next up was the edible peat bog: edible soil made with dried olives and malted barley, containing a smoky aubergine dip, planted with micro-herbs
Yes, this sounded like a very strange concoction, that actually worked very well and was very tasty.
'tushkar' was the next delight to sample. This particular whisky had an interesting story in that it will only be sold in Sweden. The Swede's supposedly go mad for the 'peaty' blends!
Tasting notes - polished gold in appearance with a rich sweet honey and vanilla heart is wrapped in a veil of warm peat smoke and pierced by overtones of fresh green apples, orange peel and cut spring flowers. Rich and full-bodied, the taste is bursting with powerful wood smoke. Opens up to exotic spices, honey, delightful toffee sweetness and a hint of freshly squeezed lemons. Waves of peat smoke accompanied by a distant reminder of warm leather.
Last by not least, 'rutter', which was accompanied by canapés served under smoke filled domes using the tastes of the anCnoc collection.
  • anCnoc whisky and treacle cured salmon, crowdie mousse and squid ink pasta rolls topped with salmon roe
  • Venison carpaccio smoked over whisky soaked hickory chips with celeriac remoulade on walnut crostini
  • Dunsyre blue shortbreads and mousse with spice beetroot and pear pickle
  • Wakame and hijiki seaweed salad
  • Squid ink crostini, black sesame and poppy seed crackers and tarator almond dip
The first thing you notice when you came to this table was the smell, the peaty aroma instantly tickled your senses. I can practically smell it again writing this, wafting from the smoke filled domes.
This was Rawsco's least favourite whisky though.
Tasting notes - sparkling gold, initially very smoky, quickly unveiling the unmistakable anCnoc character with delicate spices, juicy pineapple, peardrops and gentle vanillla. Full bodied, bursting with peaty richness. Soft undertones of honey, creamy vanilla, toffee and leather are punctuated by the freshness of green apples.
All in all I thought this was a very well organised event and I'll certainly be purchasing a bottle for Father's Day for TK! (And no doubt Rawsco will be wanting one for the drinks cabinet now too).
anCnoc peaty whisky range

ancnoc highland single malt scotch whisky

visits to Knockdhu Distillery on appointment only
01466 771223