Thursday, 24 October 2013

Meet the Lassies

Three Blonde Girls

We are three Scottish (well one Scomerican) lassies who work in new media in the public sector & love to lunch. Whether we're making the most of our one hour lunch eating out around Glasgow, baking treats for the office or creating the inaugural salad club we never skip lunch. So who are we?

Blonde with Lobster
Wee Lorz:

The smallest member of the team, with the biggest food obsession. She likes to talk a lot about what she's been eating, is about to eat or what she wants to make to eat. In her absolute element when she gets to spend a day in the kitchen cooking up a storm, with a glass of wine of course. Loves Middle Eastern, Mexican and Italian, finished off with a double espresso!

Blonde Flower Headband

Even though she's lived in the UK for over 9 years she still cooks and bakes using American measurements. Her favourite foods include Cincinnati style chili, square sausage and anything watermelon flavoured. She hates oranges and coriander  but the latter only because she's allergic. She also blogs over as Transatlantic Blonde. While these twisted chips with cheese and ranch were amazing she's now trying to eat healthier.

Blonde with cocktail


She has an unhealthy obsession with corn on the corb, cereal without milk and breakfast tea but not at all once. Although she is trying to eat healthily her least favourite lunch is soup... or salad and she has a sweet tooth that can't be ignored.  Stay posted for some baking recipes as she started to bake recently, her biggest success being orange and white chocolate cake (the 4th attempt).

We will always be honest, always accept free cocktails and always share not just our successes but our fails as well. After all that amazing recipe on Pinterest isn't so amazing if it doesn't work in real life! 

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