Sunday, 17 November 2013

Bread Meats Bread: Gourmet Street Food, Glasgow

When we hear about a new restaurant opening in Glasgow the lassies can't wait to go give it a try. When we hear there is a new gourmet street food offering burgers, sandwiches, grilled cheese and more we start salivating. We first headed to try Bread Meats Bread at their pre-launch at the end of last month where we got to have tasters from the menu.

Stephie and Wee Lorz fell madly, crazy in love with their chips and Scotchbonnaise, a spicy mayonnaise dipping sauce--those two love a bit of spice! Bread Meats Bread has three types of burger: House Blend, Red Label (beef & pork) & Black Label (premium aged beef). I personally loved the Spartan, a red label burger topped with tzatziki. I LOVE tzatziki. I dip potato chips in it but I'd never thought to stick in on a burger before.

All three of us agreed that the star of the night though was the BBQ beef brisket. Slow cooked until it falls apart it was absolute perfection. Being a good half-Jewish girl I'm a sucker for proper deli sandwich meats like pastrami, brisket and corned beef (not your gross packed UK stuff, PROPER stuff) so this was great to see on a menu in the UK. Bread Meats Bread gets their amazing buns from Bavarian Bakehouse in Kirkintilloch who make the best pretzel rolls I've had in Glasgow. They are not to salty and really hold up to the burger without going soggy or being too chewy.

We got to speak to Bread Meats Bread owners on the night and their passion for good, quality food really shines through. Everything is fresh--no microwaves and the only thing in the freezer is ice cream.

We enjoyed the taster night so much we decided to come back with our colleague Laura for the soft launch two days later. Obviously word had gotten around because it was packed! Our waitress let us know that several items on the menu were not available, had run out or weren't ready yet. Slightly disappointing but it was still a soft launch so you have to expect that things won't be smooth sailing. We all went for cheeseburgers (mine on a pretzel bun of course) and decided to split a portion of regular chips and sweet potato chips between the four of us.

It took quite awhile for our order to come and when it did we ended up having to send the chips back as they were cold and we had to ask twice for Scotchbonnaise sauce. Not ideal really. The sweet potato chips however were amazing and all of our burgers were cooked perfectly. It wasn't a mind-blowingly (yes that's a term) perfect lunch but we all really enjoyed our burgers and could see the potential that Bread Meats Bread has.

I'm still dying to try the poutine and pulled chicken so I'm sure we'll be back again. I've worked in kitchens, waiting tables and bartending so I know how it can take time to iron out kinks in a new restaurant and get things running smoothly. Bread Meats Bread has all the right ingredients: good food, friendly staff and enthusiastic owners; I'm just hoping that with a wee bit of time they live up to all they can be.


104 St Vincent Street
Glasgow, G2 5UB
0141 847 0396 

Open 12pm to 10:00pm Monday to Saturday, 12.00pm to 6:00pm Sunday

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