Thursday, 28 November 2013

Freshgo, Lunch Delivery Glasgow

Sometime us lassies get lazy. If it's raining outside we really can't be bothered going out for lunch and will duck into the first place and are back again and well we end up with some nasty lunches. Luckily for us Freshgo have come along to save us from the rain and nastiness with fresh and delicious lunch delivery. We jumped at the chance to try out a week of their delivery service.

Freshgo delivers your lunch directly to your desk. All food is prepared in the morning and delivered that lunchtime so it truly is fresh when it arrives on your desk. They offer a menu comprising of a variety of bases such as rice, wraps, noodles, salads and pita and the fillings and toppings are left up to you--that way you choose what you like based on your tastes and your nutritional requirements.

Chicken BurritoWee Lorz and I started off with a chicken burrito each, both of which were served with a mixed greens side salad topped with feta cheese.

The burrito was good but we both thought it was missing something; maybe some cheese or avocado just to add another layer of flavour. The side salad was really refreshing since side salad in Glasgow often just means iceberg! The mixed greens, feta and tomato were crisp and was lovely with the ranch dressing.

We also both chose to heat our burritos up but they came wrapped in foil so it would be really easy to eat on the go if you choose to take your box on the go!

Feta Edamame Wrap

Next I had the Fetamame Wrap and OMG it was amazing. The wrap had edamame, tomato, mixed salad, feta, cucumber, ranch dressing and I literally could not eat it fast enough. I love feta and I love edamame so this was the perfect mix for me.  

Again the side salad was great and this time was topped with roasted edamame. I've only ever had edamame as it's served in sushi restaurants so having them roasted was new to me. They were really nice and added a different texture to my lunch.
Chilli Shrimp Noodles

Wee Lorz loves a bit of spice so for her second lunch she went for Sweet Chilli Shrimp. Here is what she thought: My sweet chilli prawns were delish, good size and tasted really fresh! You get a tub of sweet chilli on the side which I really like as you can add as much or as little as you like. The winner for me though was the edamame when I first saw they were toasted I wasn't sure but they were awesome really added to the whole dish for me! Love this and can't wait to try more of Freshgo delights!

Peri Peri Wrap
The final meal was tasted the Peri Peri Chicken Wrap; Stephie got called away unexpectedly so we called in our Laddie Scott who was more than up to the challenge!  Here is what Scott thought: The lettuce was fresh, the feta tangy and  cherry tomatoes juicy. The light Caesar dressing was nice, although I kept it to a small drizzle so as to not overpower the juice from my lemon slice. The wrap was stuffed tight with peri peri chicken, lettuce, tomato and more feta (yay). It held together well and held a nice balance between each ingredient. It was also thankfully mayo free so no soggy-ness or yucky slime over my fingers. I can definitely see myself sampling more of the Freshgo menu in the near future!

Freshgo is a great option if you are busy and on the go or are just looking for something better than just a limp sandwich for your lunch. We can't wait to try out the rest of the menu! What would you try first?



Delivers to G1, G2 postcodes in Glasgow
£20 for weekly subscription (5 lunches delivered Monday-Friday)

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